How To Get A Adidas Sponsorship?

adidas sponsorship

The brand promotion by adidas covers sponsorship of reputed brands, celebrities, business tycoons, as well as well established sports organisation like FIFA. There is a huge relation between sponsorship and celebrity.

Although, Adidas gives sponsorship amount to less reputed organisations mostly those who non profitable organisations. The organization also seeks individual as well as reputed agencies to submit their sponsorship proposals.

There are certain directives, proposals and protocols behind Adidas sponsorship and you will get to know all these if you go through this resourceful blog.

Direct Proposal

The company highlights the sponsorship issue on the official website. It suggests Adidas sponsorship request that will be sent to the Sports Marketing Department. Website suggest that the Adidas representative will revert back to the request placed. Company will not come up with any sponsorship requirements or seek for any particular information.

Sports and Entertainment Sponsorship

Majority of the individual sponsorship at Adidas is done for athletes. The year of 2014 saw football stars like David Beckham and basketball legend Dwight Howard as an Adidas sponsorship athletes. 

However, this brand has also signed a deal with notable entertainers like Kate Perry, Cyclops, The Like and many more.

This company also collaborated with several branded sports entities which  encompasses 2008 and 2012 Olympic committees, The Boston Marathon, as well as the NBA.


Success, Excellence, and Celebrity- Three Ideologies for Sponsorship

There is an underlying reason for sponsoring such individuals and organizations. It clearly states that these affiliates personifies excellence. The company prioritise on teamwork and certain behavioural aspects such as honesty, sensibility, and discipline.

When it comes to sports and entertainment, excellence is tantamount to success and celebrity.


Recently, there has been a FootAsylum article which provides based on the sponsorship choices of Adidas which clearly identifies the link between celebrity and sales. 

Also, it portrays the fact that the profit from the business outweighs the cost involved.

Sponsorship Involving Social Policy Purpose


The  company helps people suffering from flood and disaster and also to those with a charitable purpose. Now there is a separate team sponsored by Adidas for this purpose.

In Adidas, there are certain websites devoted to this purpose. Suppose Adidas  wants to extend its support for education in Pakistan, in collaboration with a German organization meant for the person with disabilities and and how it showcases the children sports in different Brazillian cities.

If you are a non celeb, then your Adidas sponsorship request should concentrate social advantages of the sponsorship. The company wants to engage with several organizations engaged in several humanitarian activities helping the local community. In each and every example stated above, organizations getting the sponsorship are already established and working to accomplish the target that Adidas supported.

Who does Adidas Sponsor?


When you are searching for brands, Adidas bestows a higher position in the world of soccer. The official partner of FIFA seems to be this brand name mostly when you look at the football players sponsored by FIFA.

When  clubs and national teams forms the important aspect of the brand identity, everyone will look for the soccer player which Adidas sponsored. 

However, to your utter delight you will find LM10 that is Lionel Messi as its flagship player sponsorship. There are some well known players sponsored by Adidas such as Thomas Meunier of Belgium, Mohammad Salah of Egypt, from Liverpool, Axel Witsel from Borussia, and many more.

Apart from the famous players, there are certain clubs sponsored by Adidas which comprises of Fulham, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Benfica, Valencia, Manchester United, Real Madrid and many more.

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Individual Sport Sponsorship for Team

In the growing world of professional sports, sponsorship is an age old practice. All of us are quite acquainted with the brand names present in the player’s jersey, glowing banners in the background, advertising sports before and after the game etc. At times, there are certain stadiums named after corporate sponsors.


You don’t need to secure a top position in order to get a sponsor for your team. It’s a false notion spinning around your head so it’s better not to mix up with these. Even people playing in the lower division clubs can get sponsorship and this is what we will be discussing in the subsequent sections.

Sponsorship Attributes Exclusive for Your Team

Sponsorship will contribute more or less to the financial aspects which you can invest in uniforms, cost of the travel, or the instruments whatever you require. In several situations, some sponsors will invest directly if it is a sporting goods store.

There are other sponsors which will donate for the events or make it available for you. Sounds good right? However, while enjoying such privileges you must think about the return policy. Therefore, the sponsor will get benefited will be discussed in the below section. 

Benefits of Sponsors

Sponsorship is nothing but a marketing event. The teams and events lined up for this will get good exposure. This will lead to the increase in sales, enhancing the brand awareness and strengthens the employee-customer bond.


It’s a myth that Sponsorship is meant for only large business. Small and Medium scale enterprise will use this as a marketing weapon to enhance the standpoint in the community.

By displaying the logo on the jersey, banners on the stadium, and through flyers in the promotional event they can enhance their support for the local team.

But Sponsorship is a marketing ploy and therefore, requires proper justification similar to other events. It is dependent on you how you can portray the fact that partnership with your team will enhance their business in the long run and this is the main thing that we will be discussing in due course.

How to Get a Sponsor for Team or an Event?

Now you know the merits of sponsorship, let’s figure out we can proceed further and kickstart the journey. You  should take into account the following points.

  1. First of all, someone had to undertake the responsibility.
  2. Getting in touch with a corporate sponsor requires huge time as well as effort. Therefore, it is worthwhile to employ one person to take the entire responsibility.
  3. Employing an individual doesn’t signify that he or she will work. It can act as a whole team as well. However, it is imperative to handover the charge to one person.
  4. There should be a requirement of sponsorship letter for individual athlete.

While selecting it is important to note that sponsorship is basically a part of business transaction and selecting someone with a good skill asset will serve as an asset in due course.

Also it is worthwhile to hire a person who has the ability to perform the job and is not overburdened with too many responsibilities.

Ready to Get a Sponsor?

This sums up the entire content. If you like to get a sponsor, follow this informative blog as a generic guideline. It will serve your purpose and by knowing what Adidas did, you can channelize your business towards and unique direction.

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